• In the latest Global Competitiveness Report 2014-2015 the World Economic Forum has ranked Bulgaria 54th in the world out of a total of 144 countries, and for a third year in a row, Bulgaria has improved its score. This reports also highlights that Bulgaria outperforms a number of other EU countries, including Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia and Greece.
  • The Bulgarian IT sector has been one of the driving forces behind the countries steady growth over the past few years. With an average annual increase of 17% since 2007, the ICT sector is one of the fastest growing sector of the economy. It generates 10% of the Bulgarian GDP and employs the third largest contingent of ICT specialists in the world.
  • Bulgaria was known in the 1980s as the “Silicon Valley” of the Eastern Bloc because of its large-scale computing technology exports to COMECON states. It is today living to its legacy as Bulgaria becomes an increasingly attractive IT destination, both as a place to establish new near-shore centers, and as a place to develop IT, outsource business processes (BPO) and resource knowledge process (KP) needs and projects.
  • Some of the many organizations who have already chosen to establish their operations in the country include global leaders such as HP, IBM, SAP, VMWare and Adecco.
  • Bulgaria has also been a member of the EU, NATO and WTO for many year and it has successfully demonstrated the stability of its political democratic system. It has a low currency risk as the local currency is pegged to the euro. It is also one of the most financially disciplined EU country, being the only member state to see its credit rating upgraded by Moody’s in the past years.
  • With excellent University programs, the country has a well-educated workforce, including skilled IT specialists and a large multi-lingual talent pool. With 64,000 graduates from 53 universities and colleges and about 50% of the graduates obtaining degrees in majors suitable for the needs of the BPO industry, Bulgaria’s educational system is particularly well suited to ICT businesses and a profusion of all major technology can be sourced here (Java, PHP, C#, Ruby, iOS, Unity, html, .Net, etc.)
  • Bulgaria also has one of the most competitive costs of labor in Central and Eastern Europe and an excellent broadband infrastructure. One example being the speed of the internet access of over 32 megabits per second making the country rank among the top 10 in the world (World Bank).

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